Shamsi Lwimba Hospital Project



Charity Comission Number

We have been granted charity status by the Charity Comission of the UK. The number 112307 allows the trust to reclaim basic tax from the government on all donations.



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Our Vision and Plan PDF Print E-mail

The Shamsi Lwimba Hospital Project, is a socio-economic development project with a holistic approach aimed at raising the standard of health and life in the Lwimba community and beyond.

The project consists of sequentially dependent phases, centered around the lwimba hospital which has come to be known as the Shamsi Lwimba Hospital. We envisage a five-year development program after which the clinic will then be government sustained.

The project philosophy will be shared responsibility and ownership with the local community, enhancing security, reducing costs and decreasing misuse.

Initial Phases

The initial phases of the project consist mainly of the development of medical services at the Shamsi Lwimba Hospital. It is hoped to take the hospital from the present situation of no medical presence and neglected premises to a facility with out-patient, in-patient, medical and surgical treatment, obstetric and maternity care with 24 hour cover, diagnostics including Xray, medicines and vaccination  distribution, health and moral education and outreach care.  In addition it is hoped that the project would build mothers’ accommodation and orphans’ accommodation.

Advanced Phases

The aim of more advanced phases is to provide moral, citizenship, and health education to the local population.

Malnutrition causes its own diseases and reduces the patient's immune response and the efficacy of anti-tb, malaria and aids drugs. Lack of basic, moral and health education compounds the problems as does the poverty. Our approach is therefore holistic in that we intend to address these issues as well as upgrading health provision.

Local Bahá’í members will be recruited for citizenship and morality classes for the young. Eventually a microfinance system will be started with the support and guidance of appropriate experts as yet not identified.

We hope to create a community that will be a model for the surrounding areas, not simply providing a better standard of health care at Lwimba.

Some Details

The following documents contain a few details of some of the plans and accomplishments of the project.

Memorandum of understanding between the Government of The Republic of Zambia and Bahai Health Agency UK

Shamsi Lwymba Hospital Project log frame

Shamsi Lwimba Hospital Appeal