Shamsi Lwimba Hospital Project



Charity Comission Number

We have been granted charity status by the Charity Comission of the UK. The number 112307 allows the trust to reclaim basic tax from the government on all donations.



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You Can Help! PDF Print E-mail
We are sure that the parlous state of these poor people is well known to you. It is also very clear the cost benefit per unit currency in Zambia is unestimatably greater than in UK. In other words, the people of Lwimba are in need, and contributions made in the UK and other developed nations go a long way in Zambia.

We gratefully welcome any help and assistance you can give to the project. If you are able to contribute supplies, equipment, or expertise, please contact us via the "Contact Us page".

If you are interested in helping with donations please click on the button below. We have partnered with the donations management service to provide a secure, convenient way for you to support our project, and help build a better life for the people of Lwimba.


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We are a government registered charity in the United Kingdom.


Specific expenses

It is important to note that many of the expenses of the project have been financed personally by the founding members of the group. For example, they have so far financed three visits to Lwimba Zambia, each for one week for four, one and three persons from England. They have financed the meetings and entertainment of interested bodies in Zambia and all their own expenses whilst in Zambia and here in UK.

A number of hospitals have also begun collecting material and we have organised the free transport from the UK to  Zambia.

The following are some specific expenses that we are trying to seek donations for:


1 Electricity

The ten kilometres of  electricity power line will cost approximately £80,000.

2 Staff

Two local medical doctors salary £21000 pa each, including retention fee for out-back location.  Three full time nurses £3000 pa, each.  Maintenance and security approx £10000 pa. There will be government contributions to these salaries.

3 Equipment

Initial neonatal resuscitation  equipment £7600.  
Basic Haematological, Biochemical, AIDS, CD4, TB, malaria tests and  blood grouping equipment approx £50,000 with  reagents extra.
We require a motorcycle for transport of emergency samples and drugs, and access for the doctors,  £2000.
For the outreach clinics and emergency patient transport we will need a Toyota 4x4 with medical equipment. A second hand vehicle with some of the equipment donated would reduce the cost to £25000. We hope to obtain operating instruments from donor hospitals.

4 Consumables

The government have has commited to provide the basic pharmaceuticals but unfortunately the supplies  -even to the teaching hospital- are limited and variable. The costs of augmenting the supplies of drugs and providing linen, disinfectants, cleaning materials is not quantifiable at present.

5 New Building

We are hopeful that the new buildings for the crèche and mothers accommodation will be achievable without external funding through the endeavours of the local people under the direction of HRH Senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya.