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Charity Comission Number

We have been granted charity status by the Charity Comission of the UK. The number 112307 allows the trust to reclaim basic tax from the government on all donations.



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Blog and News
Recent Visit PDF Print E-mail

Farzin, Graham and Tolou, our tutor midwife, recently visited the Shamsi Lwimba Hospital. On our arrival in Lusaka after the overnight flight from London (UK), we set off immediately on the two hour journey to visit the hospital. On our arrival, we were presented with a five month old baby who had not eaten or drunk for two days. The baby was not moving or crying. The parents and aunt appeared resigned. There was no transport from here to the district hosital 30 kilometres away on the dirt road, and no medical staff to treat the baby. On examination, the baby had pneumonia, fever and severe dehydration. Farzin, a consultant anaesthetist in the UK, found a vein and inserted an IV line. Intravenus fluids and antibiotics were given and the fluid bag was suspended from a line between two windows. The fluid, antibiotic and giving set had been donated by a hospital in Chelmsford, Essex. Two hours later the baby was suckling the mother's breast and the family were showing their relief and gratitude. It is often said that life is cheap in Africa, but to this family, this baby's life was obviously very precious. Two days later the baby had almost fully recovered.

Charity commission number PDF Print E-mail
We have been granted charity status by the charity commission of the UK. The NUMBER 112307 allows the trust to reclaim basic tax from the government on all donations.
Welcome PDF Print E-mail

Welcome to the Shamsi Lwimba Hospital Project website. Through this site,  we hope to help people understand the purpose of this project, and participate in our goal to raise the standard of health and life in the Lwimba community and beyond.

new bore hole PDF Print E-mail
A new bore hole has been drilled and connected to the 30.000 l elevated storage tank. new pipework has been installed and connected to the clinical and accommodation buildings. Clean water for all at last!